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The 2006 Vintage

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About the 2006 vintage

2006 Italian :

In Piedmont, a coolish summer became an Indian summer punctuated by two bouts of rain, but the grapes were healthy enough to withstand them. The wines produced are promising. Tuscany produced a very promising vintage with a steady, prolonged growing season and well balanced wines.

2006 Bordeaux :

This vintage produced somewhat hard and tannic wines; whilst they do not have the flesh or ripeness of 2005 or 2003, they will have longevity. In time the 2006 vintage may turn out to be a more classic vintage like 1996 - but with less ripeness.

2006 Portugal :

The 2006 Port Vintage was a year that produced good Single Quinta Vintage Ports. Heavy winter rains replenished the drought-exhausted water table following the very good but dry 2005 vintage. Good weather followed, and flowering took place during the hottest May in 40 years. Temperatures steadily increased until a severe hailstorm hit vineyards in the Pinhão valley in the middle of June. Several vineyards lost up to 30% of the crop. A hot July followed, superseded by a cooler August and some much needed rain. More hot weather late August and early September caused some raisining and crop reduction in exposed vineyards. Picking began mid-September just ahead of a rainy spell. Yields for 2006 were down at least 15% below average.